2016 Excellence Award for Healthcare Diversity

The Excellence Award for Healthcare Diversity honors an organization affiliated with the healthcare industry for their extraordinary and unfailing commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and surrounding communities.


  • Established an innovative organizational culture with an extraordinary and unfailing commitment to diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, com- munity outreach, and patient satisfaction.
  • Demonstrated a consistent pattern of an innova- tive organizational commitment to the recruit- ment, development, and retention of individuals from all populations.
  • Developed and implemented effective initiatives as demonstrated by a diversified work force in which all persons are afforded opportunities for employment and upward mobility regardless of difference.
  • Cultivated and promoted diversity initiatives that establish and foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment.


Requirements of Award Winners

  • Send bio and a photo, which needs to be in 300dpi resolution and in jpeg or gif style, to event coordinator.


Call for Nominations

  • A call for nominations is sent out through email blast, and social media networks.
  • Individuals nominate award winners online or via email.


Awards Committee

  • A local awards committee is formed, composed of 3-5 people with diverse backgrounds who research potential award winners.
  • They seek input from the State Council Board of Directors and council members.



  • Award winners are notified by email of their selection by Dennis Kennedy, Founder and CEO of the National Diversity Council.