College Diversity Summit Topics

All You Need to Know About Leveraging Social Media
Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. If there’s a social app out there, you can rule it, because let’s face it, you’re pretty much a whiz in this area. However, do you know that companies are checking you out online, and having the right content makes all the difference? Yes…yes you do because that’s common knowledge. Well then, how about this? Having the right content goes a long way in furthering your brand, and this panel will feature professionals sharing on how to network, reach out to potential resources, advance your professional development, and more…all via social media.

The Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Great Job
You constantly receive tons of information on how to make yourself an ideal candidate such as; get a great GPA, get internship experience, join the SGA…and that’s all good and well, but you want more. Why did the guy with the B minus GPA, who went to association meetings only when they had free food land the job that you were a shoo-in for? What made the girl with similar skill sets, experience, and education a more ideal candidate? Join in and listen to HR professionals as they delve deeper into what organizations are looking for in today’s world.

You’ve Landed the Job, Now What? The Ins & Outs of Transitioning into the Workforce
“Should I do that?” “He told me what to do, but that doesn’t exactly sound right.” “How many questions can I ask before I seem clueless?” The transition from being a student to a young professional can be challenging. You have to adjust to a new schedule, follow a dress code, find a work-life balance and more. In addition to these life affecting changes, you’re suddenly spending at least eight hours a day in a new environment with no experience on office politics, the team dynamic, workplace etiquette, or anything else. Listen in on a panel of young professionals as they share their experiences, and leave you with a guideline of keys to entry-level success.