Krista Lardieri

Krista Lardieri
Krista Lardieri
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Highmark Health

THE BASICS: Experienced in executing and implementing diversity and inclusion programming and initiatives, managing processes, and delivering educational and strategic communications.

THE JOURNEY: Krista Lardieri began her professional career in workforce analytics, applying her educational background in project management and information systems management on an employee relations data improvement project. This internship was extended, and she gained exposure and experience in RFPs and executive dashboards. This sparked her love for explaining the, “what and why” and she left this wonderful experience wanting to explore and be a part of the “how.”

From there, she transitioned into diversity and inclusion to explore the people side of workforce analytics and apply the second half of her education in organizational behavior. She was able to excitedly marry her two passions of people and data through execution and implementation of diversity and inclusion programs, initiatives, and strategies. Her capabilities include strategic, educational, and executive communication, business resource group process and program management, and diversity metrics.

THE VALUES: Collaboration, innovation, transparency, inclusion, creativity, integrity, courageous leadership, purposeful action

THE PASSIONS: Writing, speaking, organizational culture, data, education, technology, human and health services, creative arts